Meat & Romance on the Home Front

One afternoon I was cleaning out a closet and found an old box that my mother left at our house when she moved out of her apartment a few years ago. It’s turned out to be a time capsule of what she was up to during WWII.  (The only souvenir my father brought back from his time in Guadalcanal was a raging case of Malaria).

Cover of “What to Do in an Air Raid” pamphlet, 1942

“What to do in an Air Raid” pamphlet pages 4 & 5

Mom in Sherwin Williams “World” magazine

Members of Mobile Blood Bank #1. Photo taken at Corn Products International. Mom is in the center, bottom row.

Brochure. Title says it all! In addition to the Red Cross reference material, there were dozens of corporate sponsored pamphlets and brochures similar to this devoted to meal planning and frugality.

Red Cross “Canteen Girls” marching in Flag Day parade, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 1942.

Mom offering coffee from the Red Cross Mobile Canteen, Chicago, IL Sept 1943.  Parking lot of Soldiers Field facing west.

Mom is third from the left.

Mom (far left) was a member of the Red Cross Speaker’s Bureau

Although mom was trained to cook during a disaster, when I was growing up her cooking proved to be a disaster.


2 Responses to Meat & Romance on the Home Front

  1. victualling says:

    Quite a treasure trove. I’m marveling over Meat & Romance.

    • jacullman says:

      Hi Jan, Thanks! There is so much more. Just haven’t had time to do much with it. Most of the recipes are pretty awful by today’s standards. Of course they had to make do with whatever was available because of rationing. Obviously folks stateside were light years better off than family friends in England. How in the world did restaurants stay in business in those days? It must have been a challenge.

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